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October 2020

- filter 'block control' (recycled) attacks

September 2020

- league averages added to teams comparison section

July 2020

- option for 'N' (slide/fast) and first-tempo sets

June 2020

- Portuguese language option added. Thanks to Felipe Aparecido Lima!

May 2020

- French, Spanish, and Italian language options added. Thanks to Miguel Rivera and Emilie Robles for translations

February 2020

- 'crunch time' set distribution added

January 2020

- experimental: option to report on an individual player

- better default choices for some sections

November 2019

- extended options for attack and block sections, heatmap style attack charts. Thanks to Michael Mattes for input

- match filter

September 2019

- serve charts by opposition rotation

- blocking section added

- smoothed heatmap option for attack charts

August 2019

- middle hitter attack report added to attack section

June 2019

- improvements for VBStats data

Your uploaded files are processed and combined into a working data set. The output from the processing script and summaries of the data set are shown in this section. It is worth checking this log to make sure the processing went OK.

In particular, you will want to ensure that the team_id and player_id values are consistent across different DataVolley files. The team_id and player_id values are used to uniquely identify each team and player, and so if a player has different identifiers in different files, the app will think that these are different players.

Data processing log

The output from the processing script is shown below. It is worth checking this log to make sure the processing went OK.

Teams summary

The list of team names and team_id values. If a team appears more than once, it likely has different team_id values in different files.

Matches summary

A summary of the matches in this data set. This might help find duplicate or missing matches.

Players summary

The list of player names and player_id values. If a player appears more than once, they likely have different player_id values in different files.

About this app

This app works with data files from the DataVolley scouting software. Users have full control over their data sets, and reports can be updated as new match files are added (e.g. as the season progresses).

A club's files can be uploaded and maintained by one or more people (say, coaches or scouts), and access provided to coaches, players, and technical staff.


The results will be logged to help improve the app. Your DataVolley or VBStats files (if uploaded) will not be kept.


App developed by Ben Raymond and Adrien Ickowicz.


  • Mark Lebedew
  • Michael Mattes, GCDW Herrsching Volleyball Bundesliga
  • Miguel Rivera Rodríguez, Club Voleibol Teruel
  • Emilie Robles
  • Felipe Aparecido Lima, Vôlei Renata

Example data set

The '2017-18 PlusLiga' example data set (16 matches from that season) was kindly provided by Mark Lebedew.

The 'MEVZA Men 2013' example data set was obtained from the Middle European Volleyball Zonal Association website.

Note that these MEVZA 2013 demo files were scouted with no start or end zone information on any play. Random start and end zone values have been added to some plays, purely for the purpose of demonstrating the functionality of this app. But they're random, so they don't actually mean anything.

Version: , using datavolley version 0.16.6