Volleyball video analysis

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Saved playlists

Your uploaded files are processed and combined into a working data set. The output from the processing script and summaries of the data set are shown in this section. It is worth checking this log to make sure the processing went OK.

In particular, you will want to ensure that the team_id and player_id values are consistent across different DataVolley files. The team_id and player_id values are used to uniquely identify each team and player, and so if a player has different identifiers in different files, the app will think that these are different players.

Data processing log

The output from the processing script is shown below. It is worth checking this log to make sure the processing went OK.

Video files

The video file associated with each match. Note that it is currently only possible to have one video file per match file.

Teams summary

The list of team names and team_id values. If a team appears more than once, it likely has different team_id values in different files.

Matches summary

A summary of the matches in this data set. This might help find duplicate or missing matches.

Players summary

The list of player names and player_id values. If a player appears more than once, they likely have different player_id values in different files.

News and updates

October 2020

- expanded video source support


To use this app with your own match files and videos, you will need a subscription.

Getting your videos into the app

Users are responsible for managing and hosting their own video files. The app requires that videos are:

  • in mp4 or m4v format, and
  • hosted on a publicly-accessible web server.

The URL of the video associated with each match should be entered into the 'match comments' section of the DataVolley file (do this in the DataVolley software, using any of the match comments fields). This app will use that URL for the video.

Some commonly-used methods of hosting video files include:

  • YouTube. This is free to use (you will need a Google/Youtube account). Videos must be publicly accessible but can be 'unlisted', meaning that they will not appear in YouTube searches and cannot be easily found by members of the general public. The URL that you should enter into the match comments section of the dvw file will look something like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abcdefgHiJ1
  • Dropbox. If you have space in your Dropbox, you can save your video files there. You will need to share each one so that it has a URL (find the file in the Dropbox web browser, click 'Share', and 'Create link'). The URL that you should enter into the match comments section of the dvw file will look like https://www.dropbox.com/s/6zuy4g927k2dvwz/my_video_file.mp4?dl=0 or https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/6zuy4g927k2dvwz/my_video_file.mp4
    For our subscribers: please don't upload videos into the Dropbox folder that we have shared with you for your scout files. Create a new folder elsewhere in your Dropbox and create the video shared URLs from there.

Other options (not yet tested) include OneDrive or NextCloud. Share the video as a view-only link and copy it into the match comments section of the dvw file.

Google Drive will not work (it does not allow videos to be played directly from its servers in the way required here).

Video security

Note that only you (and anyone you have granted permission to) can use your videos in this app. However, with any of these methods the raw video files themselves are hosted on public servers. While the video URLs are obscure and can't easily be guessed, they are nevertheless accessible to anyone who knows the URL. Please be aware that there is therefore a possibility that your video files might be discovered by other people, and so sensitive video files should not be used with this app.

Privacy and disclaimer:

Your DataVolley files remain your property and we do not use them for any other purpose, nor share them anywhere.

Version: , using datavolley version 0.16.6