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Check a DataVolley or AOC VBStats file for errors and inconsistencies. Contact .

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News and updates

September 2019

- checking of quick attacks against player role (middle/other)

May 2019

- VBStats improvements, added 'Summary of action' column to validation report

April 2019

- video time also shown HH:MM:SS format. Thanks to Willem de Wit

March 2019

- PDF export of match analysis

January 2019

- support for AOC VBStats files

December 2018

- 10,000 files have now passed through the validator!

October 2018

- Better support for beach volleyball files (let us know if you find issues). Thanks to Martin Plessl for guidance

- Support for recently-added extended codes. Thanks to Matthias Lerch

August 2018

- Players without positions (outside/opposite/etc) in the player list will be flagged

June 2018

- Support for files generated by DataVolley Media (thanks to Hugh Nguyen). If you use DV Media and find problems, please let us know

- Play-by-play overview tab added

File validation report

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Match analysis

Play-by-play overview

This app parses the main body of the DataVolley or VBStats file into a tabular data format, which can be downloaded here as a CSV file. This can be imported into other programs and apps, including the Binary Sports video analysis software.


The subscription fee is $12 AUD per month (approximately $9 USD or €8 EUR at current exchange rates).


This validator checks for common errors and inconsistencies in DataVolley and AOC VBStats files. Note, however, that these scouting software packages are quite flexible and can be used in different ways by different scouts. It is not possible to anticipate all such usages, and so this app might sometimes report "errors" that are in fact perfectly valid usage. With DataVolley files, this is particularly likely if you have changed the evaluation codes (#!=/-+) to have meanings that are different to their standard definitions.

You can:

  • ignore these items, since they aren't applicable to your file, or
  • if you believe that your usage pattern is a common one and the validator should support it, please suggest it and we will endeavour to incorporate it.

Thanks due

This app has benefitted greatly from advice and input from a number of coaches and scouts, including Mark Lebedew, Gerhard Bader, Cris Bocca, Olaf Garbe, Matthias Lerch, Hai-Binh Ly, Hugh Nguyen, Martin Plessl, and Willem de Wit.

Support and customization

Tailored validation to your particular usage may be possible. The cost of this service will depend on the extent of tailoring required. For support, customized validation options, and extended functionality, contact .

Privacy and disclaimer

The results of your validation will be logged to help improve the app. Your input file will not be kept.

Science Untangled and this validator application have no affiliation with or endorsement from DataVolley. Similarly, the application's support for VolleyMetrics scouting conventions is not endorsed or supported by VolleyMetrics.

Use the validator at your own risk. While every effort has been made to make it accurate, no warranty is given.

Validator version: , using datavolley version 0.11.0 and peranavolley version 0.7.1